Sant Felip Neri, where the stones talk

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Jewish quarter El Call



The tiny church of Sant Felip Neri is tucked away in a hidden corner of the Gothic Quarter: a little square with a romantic atmosphere which bears the same name. The baroque yet austere façade bears the scars of bombing. The restoration and cleaning of the building sought to preserve the painful memory of the Spanish Civil War.

This painful memory contrasts today with the peace and quiet of a shady spot with its trees and a cooling fountain in the middle.



El Call, known under this name since the 12th Century, was the Jewish quarter in the Medieval Barcelona. After their expulsion in 1492 their trace in the city fades away, as it was only a question of time before the ones that stayed, converses, mixed in with the Catalan society. About the ones that left, some traditions link Jewish families with a Catalan Origin.

For two or three generations, many converses continued to secretly and discretely practice Jewish rituals, although many ended judged and condemned by the Inquisition